Hi! Paula here, welcoming you to my kitchen, my dreams, my life! I’m going to keep this brief so you can explore my recipes, but like every respectable blogger I gotta have an about page. AND plus I’m hoping this inspires you to cook with a little extra passion and trust. SO here we go- I grew up in the coal region of Pennsylvania, and like many food obsessed crazies some of my fondest memories revolve around preparing food with my family in our small kitchen.  All of these (mostly) joyous occasions inspired me to go to culinary school in the big city of Philadelphia and cook professionally. Fast track 15 years I now have 3 little kiddos to call my own, a mortgage and a ring on my finger from my best friend. Oh! And a food blog, but you already knew that. I’m sharing recipes from that tiny kitchen where my food obsession began (think warm apple cobbler) , journeys abroad, crazy line cooking days in Philly (think $100 cheesesteak) and the meals I now serve my family and friends.

All recipes are legit, seasonal and restaurant quality, no BS, I promise all recipes are friggin delicious. The recipes on What the Yumm consist of basic ingredients (maybe a curveball here and there) and easy directions that anyone can follow. Whether you’re searching for a one pot weeknight meal or something special to celebrate you will not be dissapointed. My main goal is to help you turn a crazy life with plenty of what the *!@*(insert favorite explicit) moments into triumphant What the Yumm memories!

Before you leave do me a huge favor and click the icons above to follow me on social media. I’ll be frequently posting my recipe ideas, experiments and bloopers (yes, even pro’s goof) and asking for your feedback and ideas too! One more favor, tell your friends! Bring them along, share the love after all isn’t that what cooking is all about.

Thank you so SO much for stopping by, my appreciation for you is immeasurable. I can’t wait to hear about your What the Yumm memories.

Bon Appetit!

Yours Truly, Paula

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